Door handles – Handmade – Cape Town, South Africa

Since we started our business custom-made door handles have always been in demand. There was a stage where we considered having our most popular shape  cast at a foundry. We soon found that it was a very costly exercise. Apart from that, most customers want to decide not only on the shape, but also the size. The finishing of handles will depend on the theme and style of the house. We prepare the handles in various finishes such as polished (Top), brushed, sandblasted, hammered (Bottom right) and then finished in nickel, antique nickel, satin nickel (Bottom left), brass and copper plating. Below is some of our work of the past years.


All the above handles are hand-sculptured. During the past seven years we have developed skills to manage more intricate designs in less time.

Francois van Zyl

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