Vintage Metals supplies authentic replicas of antique hardware and metal-restoration services to the architectural heritage industry. Clients can rely on expert advice regarding technical matters, authenticity, dating and design.

The business has expanded into the manufacture of contemporary architectural hardware, seeing that many discerning clients cannot find what they are looking for in normal retail outlets.

Francois van Zyl and his wife Annemarie, a professional architectural historian, started Vintage Metals in 2005. As a trained metal craftsman, Francois built on the tradition started by his late father-in-law and mentor, Tobie Openshaw. Tobie was a self-taught metal artist who worked on many varied projects in the eighties and nineties.

Our workers: In an effort to make a contribution towards the alleviation of poverty and unemployment, our policy is to employ unskilled workers and provide them with ongoing in-house training. Where they previously struggled to compete in the unskilled job market, they now possess marketable skills, leading to renewed self-respect, pride in their work and improved quality of life.