Bible clasps –Vintage Metals, Cape Town, South Africa

It is not often that you will find an old Bible in a workshop were brass hardware is made, unless you are very religious and can understand Dutch! However, here are two examples of old Dutch Bibles we worked on. On the left is a Bible dating from 1818, the brasswork of which we have restored and/or replaced.  The Bible on the right, dating from the early 1900’s, has an interesting leather hinge, which we have also manufactured and replaced. Both these Bibles are well preserved considering their age.


                      Openshaw                                                          Visser

Of particular importance are the names and birth dates written on the first pages of many of these old Bibles. They are an invaluable source of information for the person researching his or her family tree and should be preserved at all cost.

Francois J van Zyl

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