Lamps/Oil burners – Cape Town, South Africa

This beautiful oil lamp belongs to Dr Erwin Coetzee of Calvinia and his wife Alta. They have given me five lamps, all in parts, for restoration. My enthusiasm continuously grew as I made progress on this lamp. The only outstanding part is the glass dome on top.

To get this far, we first serviced the oil burner, removed the wick and adjusted its clips to ensure a longer life. Then we tested the oil tank for leaks, screwed the burner on and allowed it to burn for 30 minutes. After testing, the tank was emptied, cleaned and polished. The rusted frame was wire-brushed and polished and antique-nickel plated. The lampshade was also stripped of the rust and little paint that was left. Then it was powder-coated in antique green, and the ivory colour underneath was sprayed on by hand. Lastly, it was all assembled and the glass chimney added. Here it hangs above my dining room table were my wife and I enjoy a romantic dinner, one of the perks of restoration!

Francois van Zyl

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